SOLEX Partners

What is a SOLEX Partner?

SOLEX’s main goal is to successfully bridge the gap between solution seekers and solution providers by facilitating and creating a conducive environment for connection and collaboration. Therefore, SOLEX will focus on partnerships that are beneficial and add value to SOLEX and the innovation network.

SOLEXTM technology was delevoped in collaboration with the North West University (NWU) under the dti's Thrip programme.  As academic partner, NWU was instrumental in research and development work undertaken in conjunction with RIIS to build this platform and supporting technologies.

Building partnerships is an ongoing focus for RIIS and SOLEXTM  technology aims to create a collaboration space whereby solution providers or solution seekers can access the different experts relating to their needs.


The Innovation Hub  



The Innovation Hub







Who are innovation enablers / role players?

Innovation enablers or role players are partners that are required to take an idea to the market. Innovation enablers are funders, Intellectual Property specialists, business experts, incubators, smart exchanges, etc.

Funding partners play a funding role in the innovation network, funding ideas/ concepts/ products/ technologies at different stages of development. Funding partnerscan fall into different categories such as government funding agencies, venture capitalists, inventors funding specific ideas of their interest.

Innovation partners/companies are partners providing innovation services such as innovation consultants, innovation event organisers, innovation information distributers/ media, innovation associations etc.

State-owned enterprises are parastatals or agencies with a mandate to support innovation. These include regional development agencies, financial institutions, and public sector agencies creating a framework for economic, political and social development through innovation.


How do I become a SOLEX Expert Partner?

As a partner, you need to demonstrate:

  • Capacity to contribute to the innovation network
  • On the ground capacity and capability to roll out innovation practices in their particular field
  • Commitment to roll out innovation services


What are the benefits of becoming a SOLEX Expert Partner?

  • Better collaboration can lead to reduced rework, improved speed to market and improved execution
  • New opportunities
  • Better serving clients through SOLEX
  • Expanded outreach through referrals from your organisation
  • Expanded visibility
  • The possibility of saving money through shared services



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