Technology Scouting Services

The need to easily identify and source business relevant technologies and ideas is made increasingly difficult in the modern business environment, by the sheer volume of ideas.

To address this challenge, the Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability provides a specialised service – Technology Scouting – that leverages our existing network of global solution providers to identify emerging technologies relevant to your business.

RIIS continuously grows this community through its core business of running and delivering open innovation challenges.

Typically, this Technology Scouting Service will include the following steps, although these can be customised according to your specific needs.

Step One:

Your company defines a set of three (or more) technology fields that is of interest in identifying emerging technologies, businesses and business models (called Emerging Technology). This will be conducted via two workshops of two hours each. These workshops can be held onsite, or via tele-conference. The outcome would be an “Emerging Technology Mandate Document” (ETMD) to be attached to a formal Statement of Work (SOW).

Step Two:

RIIS will provide an Initial report to the Client that summarises all emerging technologies currently identified according to the ETMD within thirty days after sign-off of the ETMD.

Step Three:

RIIS submits a monthly bulletin to your company outlining any identified emerging technology to your company.  

Step Four:

A bi-annual (twice per year) report is produced and delivered to your company that summarises all emerging technologies identified up to that point during the 12 month period in accordance to the ETMD.

If you are interested in this service, please contact our Business Development Manager.


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